Friday, October 10, 2014

CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS: A Book On How To Start And Run Your Own (Crafts & Hobbies)

CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS: A Book On How To Start And Run Your Own (Crafts & Hobbies) was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

"Candle Making Business: A Book On How To Start and Run Your Own" is full of information about how to set up a candle making business and what type of marketing is available to small home business candle making business owners.

Not only that there are some very valuable tips on setting up the business, buying raw materials, product ranges and importantly outlets for selling your candle range.

"Candle Making Business: A Book On How To Start and Run Your Own" is a book for those who are serious about owning a candle making business that makes money.

Friday, October 3, 2014

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging was a free book for the kindle when this post was written.

It can be done. You can actually make money blogging.

Dylan Varian, a blogger for over five years, explains how he makes money online from blogging and how you can make money from blogging online and turn it into a full time career.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Make Easy $60 Daily For Beginners

Make Easy $60 Daily For Beginners was a free kindle book when this post was written.

This Book is for the NEWBIES who have no clue and struggle to make money online. If you have been investing your hard earned money into SCAM programs that come and vanish in the lo time, STOP investing for Now!

This Book is going to teach you how to make $60 or more per Day without investing a Dime! You start ABSOLUTELY from the SCRATCH (ZERO out of pocket).

At the bottom of the book you will find the Download link to download your FREE Bonus ( the 109 Proven Money Making eBooks).

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Work From Home Moms With Kids in the House

200 + Companies that Pay you to Work from Home
200+ companies that pay you to work from home
Working from home with kids can be challenging, especially if they're young. Many work from home Moms choose to work from a home office in order to spend more time with their kids, but it's also important to maintain a balance so that some work actually gets done. Having your kids around while you work from home means you're going to need a plan in order to get the most out of time with your kids while having a successful business.

The first major decision you're going to have to make is to decide whether your home office will have an open door or a closed-door policy. If you decide to go with a closed-door approach, make sure your kids know that you aren't to be disturbed during your work hours (and define when that is). In addition, you will have to decide who will look after any young children while you're working behind your office door.
If you plan on going with the open door approach, you're going to need to develop some additional strategies to make sure you are still able to be productive. If you leave your door open, your kids are going to find their way into your office at some point in the day. It's inevitable. You may want to keep a small box of your kids' toys in your office so that they can play quietly in a corner when they insist on being in the office with you. Kids also love to imitate, so setting up an old computer in your office with some kid friendly software will allow your child to "work" at a computer just like you. This is a great distraction and makes your young child feel involved. You might also consider letting your kids help you with small tasks such as stapling, applying stamps, etc. This makes your kids feel important and allows you to spend some time with your children while still getting things done.

Try to develop a routine with your kids so they know what to expect from the day and when to let you get some work done. However, you're also going to have to be adaptable because your kids are bound to need your attention at different times in the day.

Working from home with kids can be challenging, but it can also be very rewarding to be able to watch your kids grow each and every day. Plan your time carefully, but be realistic and don't beat yourself up if you don't always get everything done that you had planned. Being a work from home Mom, and balancing kids and work in the same space is a skill that will become stronger in time, so be patient and have fun with it.
Donna Sickinger understands the challenges of earning a paycheque while working from home. Her first home-based business began in 1984 after the birth of her first son.

Over the years, she has been recognized for her many accomplishments including a prestigious legacy award. As a celebrated leader in the direct sales industry, Donna is known for developing successful business strategies and coaching others to achieve their dreams. A graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, an ICF-accredited coaching program, Donna lives in Toronto with her family and spends a lot of time working in her pajamas. To learn more about Donna and her coaching services:

Monday, September 29, 2014

101 Ways to Earn Money From Home

101 Ways to Earn Money From Home: Real Money Making Ideas: The Ultimate Resource For Making Money From Home (Earn Money From Home, Money Making Ideas, ... Income, Work From Home, Making Money) was a free kindle book when this post was written.

 Working from home is the ideal scenario for many people these days including working parents who are juggling family and work priorities, and anyone looking for some much needed work life balance away from the stress of the 9-5. Being able to earn money from home will enable you to have a greater sense of freedom financially and personally too.

This book contains 101 different ways to earn money from home, by making money on the side in addition to your day job and even with a view to eventually replacing your day job! "101 Ways to Earn Money From Home" also includes ways of making passive income by creating a product and then getting paid for it over and over again in sales.

The great thing about making money from home like this is that the earning potential can be limitless, depending on the money making methods you choose. You can effectively pay yourself a bonus by working more for example. Whatever it is that you need extra income for - whether it's paying down debt, saving for a holiday or achieving other financial goals - this book will inspire you to begin making money from home today.

Here's what you can expect to learn from this book:

  • Different ways of making money online
  • Passive income money making ideas
  • Various types of home based businesses
  • Different methods of making money fast
  • Tons of resources you can check out for further information

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ebay Optimizer: 52 Tips to Maximize Ebay Sales

Ebay Optimizer: 52 Tips to Maximize Ebay Sales was a free kindle book when this post was written.

eBay is NOT Complicated

Let me start things off by saying that eBay is not complicated. eBay makes it easy for anybody to sell anything. You do not need a guide or walkthrough to be an eBay seller. Thus, this book is NOT a guide. It is not a “program.” It is not “for dummies.”

Rather, this book is for anyone who wants to OPTIMIZE—that is, make the most money they possibly can—their eBay business. In this book, I will reveal the secrets I have learned through my 12 years of selling on eBay.

These are secrets you can implement immediately. They range from writing the eBay headline to dealing with customers in the best possible way.

This book is for someone who wants to improve their sales NOW, instead of having to read through a whole textbook, digging for well-hidden nuggets of information.

About the Author

Damon Verial is a copywriter who has been selling on eBay since high school. Though now a full-time copywriter, Damon still runs a successful eBay side business due to the passive nature of making income via eBay.

Damon is unique in his application of copywriting practices to his eBay business. Through his experience in consumer psychology, he has discovered and applied some practices that improve sales and profits.

Damon’s girlfriend is a full-time online auctioner who supports herself exclusively from her online sales.

Damon holds a Master’s degree in psychology and bachelor’s degrees in statistics and mathematics. He applies knowledge from psychology, marketing, and statistics in his eBay business.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soap Making Business: How to Start and Manage Your Own Home Based Soap Business

Soap Making Business: How to Start and Manage Your Own Home Based Soap Business was a free book for the Kindle when this post was written.

This book has been written by Home Business Expert, Kaye Dennan. Kaye has over 30 years in small business, with many of those as a home business owner.

The tips and tricks that you will read in "Soap Making Business" will put you well ahead of your business competitors. It will open your eyes to small business benefits and disadvantages, all of which will give you much more insight into being in business.

By reading this book you will learn important tips on:

• how to make sure that your soap making business is a success
• planning tips for putting together a range of soap to sell
• how to go about selling
• various ways to go about marketing your product either retail or wholesale

Sell, make a profit and enjoy your home soap making business.